A Few Facts and Tips about Hammocks

A hammock is a length of netting or canvas that can be hung between two trees or between two hammock stands. Hammocks are used as a place to sleep in a relaxed environment. Hammocks add an interesting dimension to your back yard. They can be hung between trees or provided poles.

A well placed hammock serves as a welcoming spot under the shade of a tree for an afternoon nap. There are different types of hammocks, but can be basically divided into two types; rope and cloth hammocks. Rope hammocks are not as comfortable as fabric hammocks and tend to mark the exposed skin. Hammocks should be used for their intended use but before using your hammock make sure to read some of the safety precautions that should be taken. There are many safety precautions that should be observed when you own a hammock.

These should be followed to avoid injury associated with the use of your hammock. There are three types of hammocks available. However, these hammocks come in variety of styles and colors.

There are rope hammocks that are made of polyester or cotton ropes. This style of hammock is sturdy and durable. Then there are hammocks made of fabric which are light weight and easier to set up and move around. The third kind of hammocks is made of string that is woven into a web-like style.

Safety Precautions for Hammocks ? Follow the installation instructions carefully that came from the manufacturer. This will ensure that your hammock is properly installed and less likely to cause injuries. ? If you purchase a hanging hammock choose a safe location and tie or peg the supports on sturdy locations; never fasten the hammock to an object that may move. If you are using a stand, make sure that the hammock can support the weight of the intended users.

? Never let children play or use a hammock without adult supervision. ? Inspect your hammock regularly to make sure that it stays in excellent condition. Inspect the ropes and the stand regularly. Make sure the ropes are secure. Check around the location where the hammock is to be hung to make sure that there are no hazards located around. These hazards may cause excessive injury in case of a fall.

? Don't over load the hammock keeping the weight within what the manufacturer recommends. ? When using the hammock it is recommended that you sit or lay in the recommended location; in the middle and not on the edges. Practice getting in and out of a hammock, it is not easy getting in an out of it at first. Be careful and follow directions. Besides being used for resting, other uses for hammocks exist.

Smaller hammocks can be used to store children's plush animals. A hammock hooked up to the corner of a room can be an easy and quick solution to store children's toys. Small hammocks can be used in the bathroom to store bath toys as well.

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