Bedroom Decorating Hints

The centerpiece of every bedroom, the bed, is most often the most overlooked piece of furniture in that room. It used to be that your choice of bedding determined the look of your room. With the many different designs of beds available today, this is not necessarily so anymore. The type, style and design of your bed is now the focal part of your bedroom design. There are traditional to contemporary beds available. For many years the bed was simply a metal frame that supported mattress and box spring, with or without head board.

The market place today offers a broad variety of bed styles and designs. First determine what your décor style is. Look around your home and get a feel for your design style.

If you like the romance of the Victorian era, choose a four poster bed. If you prefer a simpler contemporary look, contemporary beds are widely available. Once you've determined your style, you are making some strides in the right direction. What size bed do you need? This is determined by the size of your bedroom and how much space you have available. At this point, determine the function of your bedroom; sleep only, relax, watch TV or read.

This information lets you know if you need a bed with a head board (if you read in bed) or not. There are many types of beds to choose from: Four poster Beds Four poster beds revive romantic memories. Their basic design is four posts at the head and foot board. These posts are normally high rising at least two feet above the mattress. The posts can be ornate and decorative or simple and plain. Draperies added to the frame of the posters can add to the décor of the bed.

The four poster bed is not only found in the traditional style but is also available in contemporary bed style for the more modern look. Sleigh beds Sleigh beds have been around for a while. As their name suggests they have a head board and a foot board that resemble a sleigh. Sleigh beds are also made in contemporary bed styles. Sleigh beds work well in smaller rooms.

Brass and Iron Beds Then there are the traditional beds made of brass and iron. These styles of beds have head boards that can be ornate and they add a traditional feel to your room. This bed is reminiscent to the days of "bed knobs and broom sticks" Platform Beds Platform beds are excellent in rooms where you could use little more storage room.

Upholstered Bed Upholstered beds as they name suggests have upholstered head and foot boards. The upholstery is comfortable to rest against and makes for an excellent bed if you enjoy reading at bedtime.

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Bedroom Decorating Hints - The centerpiece of every bedroom, the bed, is most often the most overlooked piece of furniture in that room.

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