Buyers Perceptions

Call me a scared-y-cat, but I wouldn't live next to a graveyard. It kinda' spooks me out. Yeah, I am 47, and all grown up, can do my own laundry. But the idea of zombies from Michael Jacksons "Thriller" video chasing me around my house at night isn't my idea of a good time. And you know as well as I do that zombies only hang out in graveyards. Duh.

And living in some big lone gated-in manor house on a hill? No thanks. I will take my 17th floor high rise condo here in downtown Philadelphia. Because unless that strange Spiderman charachter is scaling the walls of my hi-rise, I figure I am pretty safe from chainsaw massacring psychos that have risen from the dead. And if you think for one minute that I am going to be caught dead buying a house where the neighborhood axe murderer did his business? Again, no thanks. He or she could easily escape from jail, and come back and get me. Happens all the time in movies.

Now I am not unaware of how silly some of my beliefs, which I still harbor like a lingering bad hairdo, can truly be. But at the same time, I value the perception of security. And I am willing to pay for the idea of a secure roof over my head-big time.want to guess what my condo fees are per month? More than one would have to pay for a new Mercedes. But I am happy, and my mind doesn't wander while I lay in bed after finishing a really scary movie.

I am safe, secure, and I have a doorman, whom I like to believe is a super hero crime fighter with James Bond like tricks up his sleeve to keep the undead from coming in my building, signing in, taking the elevator to the 17th floor, and beating down my door. Perception is a motivating factor for many people. Especially when deciding to purchase real estate. I certainly can't be the only nut-bag who buys real estate.

Bona fide or make-believe, I am not going to give up my perception of security for a new Mercedes. A Bentley.possible.

A Benz? No thank you. So the next time you DON'T buy that perfect house when out shopping for real estate, ask yourself if zombies, chainsaws or Michael Jackson had anything to do with it. And remember that perception is sometimes stronger than reality.

And THAT is many a buyers reality.

Mark Wade is a Realtor who has lived & worked in Center City Philadelphia for 19 years. He prides himself of his vast knowledge of what's trendy & knows which finishes buyers look for when selecting a home. He's been seen on HGTV's What You Get For The Money, CN-8's Money Matters and was the 2005 winner of Philadelphia Magazine's Kitchen of the Year contest. You can learn more by visiting his website at

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