Characteristics Of The Golden Retriever

Almost all breeds of dogs are group oriented, with the need to interact with other species of their group to remain secure. Over years of breeding, however, Golden Retrievers have been adapted to interact more with people. Perfectly suitable as guide dogs they are also able assistants for those who like to hunt and as companions for younger children. Interaction with people is important to them as a consequence of their breeding.

They want nothing more than to be accepted that you are aware of them, are very forgiving and will tolerate many mistakes you may make. The first three recipients of the Obedience Trial Championships, a test of manageability, were Golden Retrievers, further evidence of their will to please. Living with their owners and being involved in all family pastimes is crucial to Golden Retrievers as they are so oriented towards people. Although they don't usually bark they will do if they desire attention or get bored. A golden Retriever needs regular exercise and will involve himself in any activity that you are embroiled in such as hunting, hiking and ball games.

Perfectly suitable as companions for children they will become loyal friends as they grow together. Golden Retrievers can be unintentionally rough when playing, irrespective of how friendly they are, so supervision is essential when mixing with young children. Pulling his tail or poking him, even unintentionally, may cause him to retaliate through his natural instinct, despite his great disposition. Water is a great attraction to Golden Retrievers and they will choose to get wet whenever they get the chance, no matter what the source of water is. It is commonplace for them to get dirty at every opportunity due to their love of mud as well as water and once full grown you will need to bathe them on a regular basis. Although they are not too concerned about the heat it isn't normally good for them, so you will need to make sure they have plenty of air, shade and water during the summer months.

Even on the hottest days that the summer can serve up your Golden Retriever should be fine so long as you are aware of the conditions and take care of his needs.

More information can be gathered about Golden Retrievers by visiting a popular website with tips and advice on how to care for your family pet.

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