Child Traumas and Divorce

Getiing divorced is one of the most stressful things that can happen in your life, and many people have problems handling it. Children can often be the most effected by divorce, and recent sudies have found that children from broken home are more prone to violence and substance abuse than those from a happy, family home. In many instances children who are products of broken homes are so filled with guilt and anger they become self-destructive, What makes a sad situation even sadder is that parents going through a divorce are usually under so much emotional stress they are able to be of litle help to their children. There is often a heightened risk that children will self-harm if they are deprived of the emotional support of their parents. The Fear Of Being Alone People going through a divorce experience different levels of emotional stress, and women - especially those who have been homemakers for several years - are often at a loss as to what to do with the rest of their lives. For women homemakers, the fear of losing a loved one and the fear of having to raise the children on her own is so overwhelming that a lot often experience emotional breakdown at this point.

According to experts, even some women who have been abused by their husbands find it difficult to accept the divorce because they cannot picture themselves raising their children on their own. For them, living in an oppressive situation is better than taking on the challenge of living on their own and raising their kids single-handedly, especially if they do not have a steady source of income. Women having lost the companionship and love a good marriage can bring cannot help but feeling helpless and alone if the marriage fails; raising children is never an easy task.

Dealing With Emotional Stress Since divorce is such an emotional time for both the spouses and their children, a strong support network is very crucial to help the all concerned cope with the situation. Counseling is very important at this point. Talking to children, and allowing them to express their feelings about the divorce, can often be beneficial to all concerned.

According to experts, talking about the divorce together with the children and their parents often help the parties come to terms with the situation. Yes, talking about the whole thing can be very painful at first but as the parents and their children continue to talk about their feelings, they will eventually come to accept the inevitable. Avoiding Divorce Avoidance is much better than any cure! Resolotion of problems in a mariage is a far better, and less expensive, solution than breaking up the family by getting divorced.

This may be best achieved with professional help. Such help can be accessed online. Wishing you success in resolving your differences, and a happy future together! Copyright (c) 2007 Peter Blake.

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