Custom Roman Blinds Reasons I Use Them To Decorate

Your home can look as good as Caesar's palace with custom roman shades. These beauties have been used for centuries to make an ordinary window stand up and look gorgeous. Your home is important to you. You want it to look pleasing not only to yourself and your family but to your friends and neighbors as well.

Often times we buy blinds that fit our budget but compromise on getting a good fit for our window. The end result is a window that is decoratively challenged and usually just plain blah!. With roman blinds you can find at least six reasons for using them in your home. Why do I love to decorate with custom roman blinds, here are seven reasons.

1. My family and friends love them. I am always getting compliments on my blinds. The ability to use different materials and styles around the home offers more personality. After I got my new romans the neighbor would meet me at the mail box to compliment the new blinds and give me the third degree on where I got them, how much I paid and could I help here get some romans for her house. When I invite them in to see the whole effect they always want to know where I got the roman blinds, how much they cost and if I would help them pick some out for their house.

2. You can have an inside look and an outside look With custom Roman blinds you can have two different fabrics. Use a neutral fabric on the back of your roman blinds while using different color fabrics for each room on the inside for a look to die for. 3.It's easy to get them custom made Once you have determined the type of decorator fabric and the colors you want for your blinds it is easy to get them custom made for your windows. You just order them to your correct size and in about ten days to two weeks later you have your custom roman shades 4.

They Fit! Most of the blinds that you buy in the stores are going to be a certain length and width and if they are more than a 1/2" off in width they will look like they don't fit. Which of course they don't! There are some blinds that can be cut to your width in the stores, but you have to shorten them yourself and if you have ever tried to shorten blinds you know what a pain that is. The best part of having custom romans means you won't have to mount them on the outside of the window which always looks tacky, but you can mount them inside the frame where they look awesome. 5. The Roman blinds can be made in different styles.

Personally I like the hobbled roman, that's my style. The fabric offers a perfect fit for my room decor and allows distinction. I also find that the fabric tends to soften the room. While you can have patterns on the fabric, I have chosen the soft colors, without patterns. This fits in with my decor a little better and offers a pleasing style rather than something that continually draws the eye away from the rest of the room. 6.

Romans are easy to clean If you have ever had any type of horizontal mini or Venetian blind you know what a pain they are to clean and that's being polite. Custom roman blinds on the other hand are easy to clean. Just use your vacuum brush or a quick run over with your "swiffer" and your done. 7. Gives you the privacy you want.

You can now get custom roman blinds in that top/down - bottom/up option. I like to open them down from the top in the bathroom, this lets me have plenty of light while letting me have my privacy. Custom roman blinds are bound to create Friend and neighbor envy, so be prepared. Your spouse and kids will love them.

Your family won't be able to wait to show off the new romans to their friends, so be prepared to become known as the neighborhood decorator.

Roman shades are an exciting subject and the choices of style and material are as varied as there are fabric choices. Here is where you can get all the information you need to make an informed decession on which type of custom roman blinds would be the best for your windows.

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