Decorating Your Tiki Bar

The tiki bar is a wonderful place to hang out, relax, or go all out and party. There's nothing quite like a tiki bar to take you away from the everyday mundane life, transferring you to a tropical vacation atmosphere, all without the need to travel to expensive resorts. Providing that unique island charm that feels like something straight from the Caribbean, tiki bars can recreate the setting of island paradise just about anywhere. Those interested in the wonders of tiki culture should considering owning their own tiki bar. Whether for commercial or for private use, building and owning a tiki bar can be a fun and rewarding experience. It can also fill one with a great sense of pride and is a wonderful conversation topic.

Tiki bars can come in different shapes and sizes. The traditional tiki bar is based on the tiki hut which are found on islands. They are usually made of wood or bamboo, and the trademark thatched grass roofing. A full sized tiki bar can be quite an affair, emulating an environment of an island getaway resort.

Private tiki bars can be more variable depending on the requirements and budget of the owner. Poolside tiki bars are very popular, as well as backyard patio bars. Tiki bars can even be built indoors such as basement tiki bars- a pretty good source of awe and amusement for visiting relatives. Wherever one wants to build their tiki bar, whatever size it is- the secret to having an exceptional and authentic tiki bar is in the decor one chooses to adorn their home-away-from home with.

Nothing can better encapsulate the magic of the tropics quite like a well decorated tiki bar. There are many types of tiki bar decor. They can range from the small to the enormous, the simple to the outrageous, and the cute to the downright freaky! A good tiki bar should have some tiki totems, tiki masks and other such decorative items to give that distinctive native atmosphere. There are so many varieties of tiki decor to choose from. One can include anything they want.

It's all good as long as it adds to the mood and party atmosphere. One of the staples of a good tiki bar are funky tiki signs. There's no better way to declare your presence than a huge, flamboyant tiki sign hovering over the bar entrance to welcome your patrons. Tiki signs aren't limited to the bar entrance though, and should be placed anywhere and everywhere, including the restrooms, to mark restricted areas, or just to let people know how proud you are of your cool, vintage surfboard. Even better is to have your tiki sign actually be your cool, vintage surfboard.

Tiki signs can be made from a variety of different materials such as driftwood, surfboards or even canoe paddles. Carvings of fish or other aquatic life also make wonderful signs and ooze style. Just be sure to hang a "gone surfing" sign to let people know when your away. A hallmark of the tiki culture is the moai. Moai are the famous monolithic statues found on Easter Island. These moai take the shape of giant heads, and according to legend, are said to hold the mystic powers of deceased clan chiefs.

They can also make really cool decorative items! Some people might find some difficulty finding space for a 50 foot monolith moai in their tiki bars; though thankfully moai decorations come in many different shapes and sizes to work with. Miniature moai carvings are very popular. They work nicely as wall hangings or table pieces. You can even put them in the restrooms for a unique decoration.

One of the most important items in a tiki bar are the special tiki mugs to serve those groovy drinks in. Serve your wicked concoctions in mugs shaped like totem poles of ancient gods or with the somewhat less creepy glasses printed with dancing hula girls in grass skirts. These are just a few examples of tiki bar decor.

There are many more special tiki items available. The best thing about starting a tiki bar now is that these, sometimes difficult to find specialty items can be easily acquired via the internet! Just remember that the proper decorations can really make or brake a tiki bar. So don't be afraid to go all out. Be creative and remember to have fun!.

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can learn more about creating your own tiki bar and having a smashing tiki party.

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