Headboard Designs for All Bedrooms

Everyone has different stylistic ideas and desires, and these come out most easily in bedroom designs. One way that a number of people choose to express themselves is through the choice of headboards that make the focal point on the beds. Some people choose to keep the design minimalistic and simple, while others opt for extravagant pieces that stand out regardless of the additional décor in the room. Unfortunately, some people don't realize that there is a style of headboard out there for them and forego this huge element in their bedroom, leaving it with an empty or unfinished appearance. Rest assured, there is a headboard out there for any bedroom. If you can't find the perfect design style immediately, there are always other options.

You may want to start by looking at something basic and versatile, like wrought iron headboards, that fit into any basic theme you may create in your bedroom space. These can be left blank to hold their own focus, or you can dress them up with additional fabrics and décor to weave them into the design of the room more wholly. Leather headboards can create a sophisticated look for your bedroom area, making it look expensive and tasteful. They really draw attention to themselves as the center focus of the room, so other elements don't need to be as strong as with some other styles. Many of these headboards are large and imposing, though, so if you are a minimalist, this type of headboard is probably not the number one option for you.

You might want to consider something smaller and less dominating of the space. If you are really having trouble finding your style, consider purchasing a blank slate. If you take a simple wooden or particleboard headboard and purchase the material of your choice along with some cotton batting, you can create upholstered headboards that are customized to your liking.

That way, you can match it perfectly to the rest of the room, and you can rest assured that you will really like the design. Also, if you ever tire of the look, you can remove the current upholstery and recover the headboard to match your new style. It's a simple process that doesn't take long and only requires a good staple gun and a pair of scissors to remove excess cloth.

If all else fails, you can work with something function, like bookcase headboards. These will surround the bed and give you quite a bit of storage space for anything from books and magazines to a telephone and photo frames that are to be displayed in your bedroom. The only real downside to this kind of headboard is the need to dust it frequently, since the shelving is exposed. However, if you just brush over it daily with a duster, it will not become a painful chore. Best of all, you not only have a headboard that is a great focal point but also lots of space for other things that you keep in your bedroom.

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