Home Flooring Improvement How to Build a Floor Deck

It is actually far easier than it looks when it comes to building your own deck. many of you are probably going to be skeptical about it but in truth, all you really need are a few dozen deck and lag screws, galvanized nails and bolts, posts and braces, flashing, gravel, concrete bags, a level and plumb bob. Of course, not forgetting basics such as your hammer and drill and the measuring tape.

Here are some tips to get you started on strengthening your deck and making sure it can last. Home Design Software - First, take advantage of the latest technology, and utilize one of the home design software packages that are available. You have choices that can help with the materials and equipment needed, in the calculation of costs and the designs and even local building codes. material - An important aspect to think of once you have set your deck.

Good options are redwoods, cedar or pine in pressure treated sizes like 2 x 4's, 2 x 6's and 4 x 4. There are also several newer options. There are many composite materials on the market today that resemble wood in appearance and feel.

Such materials will seem more costly in the beginning but it can give years to your deck's life span and is worth the initial outlay. In addition, they do not twist out of shape unlike wood and you need not stain it. Foundation - The basics for a lasting deck.

If you are uncertain about how to go about preparing the ground and pouring concrete, or making vertical anchors, you can look for professional help for this stage. Besides this, it should not be too difficult to build your own deck with just some help. Pier Spacing - Check the building codes in your area to find out the recommended support pier spacing.

Make your support distances equal to or less than the 8 or 12 foot length that most lumber is available in. It will be simpler for you as it reduces the number of cuts needed. Sealing - Usually there are ledger boards that lay up against the house to support the beams (joists) under the walking surface. Sometimes they have a Z-shaped flashing that lays on the ledger board top and side surfaces, up against the house. Metal flashing can twist out of shape in due time as temperature fluctuates even when it was set up properly. Do cover up screw holes to lessen the chances of moisture causing damage.

Using metal washers, set the ledger board a distance away from the wall. This way, you may not have to remove siding, and it will also cut down on moisture that will cause mold and corrosion. Use Screws and Bolts - Instead of nails, use screws and bolts wherever you can.

Almost all nails will eventually rust, and stain tends to not stick to them. Even if screws rust, they will not loosen as the years go by. Using screws, however, is more time consuming than simply pounding in nails. You can make your job faster utilizing a power screwdriver attachment on the hand drill. The most important thing to note when building your deck is to pay attention to detail and having a good design to give great results.

This will help you save hundreds in repair bills later on.

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