Home Security Tips for Deterrance

Recently there has been a noted increase in the use of security and surveillance systems, guards and even 'covert' security personnel in everything from malls and large stores to mom and pop and convenience stores. Since these are stores that have to be profitable to remain open you pretty much have to figure that the surveillance and security measures are cost effective - that theft losses are reduced substantially simply through discouraging robbery. The first of our home security tips is simple enough though a lot of people apparently don't get it. Doing something to improve security is worth the effort and cost and preventing theft is probably the single most efficient way to do it.

As security increases in shops and businesses, most thieves are going to look for easier pickings. Breaking into homes can be a profitable way to go and some local burglar may be evaluating your home right now on his 'ease of theft' scale. Movies always seem to have clever crooks with lots of skills but most burglars are lazy drug addicts looking for the easiest possible way to feed their habit with as little risk as possible. As a sort of thief's eye approach to home security tips, lets think about what some of the primary features that make a home a good target are.

A high probability of items worth stealing is one. These days this probably means almost any house, but being able to see into the house can nail down a target if, for example, computers or other electronics can be seen from the outside. Easy access and, particularly, possible windows and doors with blocked visibility appeal to burglars.

High bushes or shrubs that provide coverage while working on a door or a window make a nice, burglar friendly bonus. An absence of visible security features such as signs or decals for security companies or the NRA, motion sensor lights or surveillance cameras are also thief attractors. Dogs -- burglars don't like dogs, at least ones in homes they want to burgle, so the absence of any indications of a dog can raise a home's burglar popularity quotient. Interestingly, National Rifle Association membership stickers or signs seem to drop a home's popularity. The potential problem here is that if a thief can be certain the home is empty, then that NRA signage pretty strongly suggest there are weapons inside which are attractive items for thieves. You'll notice that most of these items are easy to check without being obvious or doing something overtly suspicious.

Look at your home from this viewpoint and see how it rates as a potential target. Less than 20 percent of US homes have any protection against burglary except insurance. You can decrease the risk of your home being targeted with a few simple measures. Start by eliminating any concealment provided by bushes and trees. especially near entry points.

Next, make certain that valuable and easily portable items such as stereos, TVs, etc., are not visible from the outside. Signs and window decals, whether true or not, reduce your home's attractiveness to criminals. Motion sensor lights and a dummy security camera are inexpensive and an added negative.

The home security tips discussed here are primarily ones which will make it less likely that a burglar looking for a target will select your home. So, while these items will offer a level of enhanced home security, you should also consider further steps to make your home more secure and more difficult to break into easily.

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