Home Theater Buyers Advice

I truly beleive that many people are confused by the words used in home theater equipment such as AC3,Aspect Ratio,Bridging and many others.Almost all of the terminology regarding home theater audio and video components is confusing for most people and is primarily intended for technical reasons.Therefore do not be intimidated by the language used to name and describe home theater audio and video components.Utilize our Home Theater dictionary to learn the meaning of the words used to describe the electronics of home theater systems.

The two most important thing in your home theater is to know what viewing quality you want and what sound you desire. By visiting your local Electronics store you can get a good idea from viewing the equipment up close for picture and sound quality and most sales people have the knowledge of there equipment that can convey to you in laymen terms. Once you have decided on a practical system you can buy from the Electronic store, or go online where the best deals are made. The items listed below are what you should be concerned with in selecting a home theater system. Video Selection #1 in Level Of Importance 1. Choose a TV at least 27 inches, preferably the bigger the better that will fit in your home theater area with plenty of room left over for comfort and a screen size that you do not have to strain to view.

Most larger TVs are as cheap as the smaller TVs get what you want the first time around. The items listed below are what you should be concerned with in selecting a home theater system. 2. Flat screen TVs are the most common for good non glare viewing and are LCD (liquid crystal display) and have optional Plasma screens which is a display technology that you may not notice unless you have the two side by side.

3. Some TVs have built in DVD/VCR and we recommend purchasing a DVD/VCR as a separate component in case of failure. 4. Rear projection TVs are available in TVs with larger screen size of 42 inch and above and is not a advantage in viewing quality.

5. DLP (Digital Light Processing) projection system bring more light from lamp to screen. It also features better color uniformity over time--no burn-in, screen aging or color-shifting possible and is recommended feature for crisp, clear picture viewing. 6.

HDTV (High Definition TV) is on the way is and will be the future of TV and is recommended as a must have. 7. HD TV (High Definition Television) are televisions that can process high definition signals thru the use of a separate set box. 8. AVR Receivers(see audio section)for TVs relate more to audio, but do play a role in the refresh rate of the screen, provide video input for games, other devices and synchronizes the sound to the picture. Other type receivers are satellite and HDTV.

9. DVD player/recorder/VCR play and or, record from DVD disks and can be separate components, or all in one unit called combo units. Some DVDs support Windows media such as CD/CD-RW for playing music and, or showing your stored pictures and music. Sound Selection #2 In Level Of Importance. Audio is not that crucial to many as compared to the core of the home theater.

which is the picture they see. TVs have speakers built in that will suffice for the better part of us, but add a few good speakers and you have quality sound. Your home theater room, or area plays a major part in how the sound is interpreted in relation to the acoustics of the room,size, furniture, walls, curtains, carpet etc that absorb the signal. As an example a long rectangle room with carpet will have better acoustics than a square room with hardwood floors.

Really do not expect exact movie theater sound from your existing rooms because a theater is designed especially for this purpose, unless you plan to build a special room. Whatever your decision you will experience better audio with the proper equipment. 1. AVR Receivers control every aspect of your sound system and video and is the brain that takes the video portion then transmits signals into sound. AVR Receivers are available in different watts with individual channels to manage and equalize speakers. 2.

Speakers come in all sizes and shapes and are a good investment if you want the most out of sound . The quality of sound is determined by the watts of power they a 100W will produce more sound quality than a 50W. The receiver is matched in wattage to correspond with the wattage of the speaker. Of all the audio components below, speakers are the most important of all so get the best you can.

3. Sub woofers increase the bass capabilities of your sound system. Not a requirement except if you prefer the sound of explosive blasts in an action movie. 4. Surround Sound will deliver a cinematic sound quality to your home theater, but is not an essential component.

Home Theater Mini System ("In A Box") With a mini system all you need is the TV and installation is much easier than using separate components which may require you hiring a professional. You can get a mini system with just about any feature you want to include DVD/DVR/VCR/AVR/CD, speakers, sub woofers, surround sound etc.The systems are much cheaper in cost than purchasing separate components and the drawbacks are you may be limited on what you can output if you want additional add-on such as video games,extra speakers etc.

The mini home theater is basically to run the components provided in the kit and if you want to add on you may not be able to. Another drawback is you may be sacrificing superior video and sound quality for lower a price. Just like anything else there are good mini home theaters and better ones.So get the best if you go this route.

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