How To Help Your Children Cope With The Stress Of Moving

When moving there are lots of things going on in your family, and many challenges are waiting ahead: one of the major issues is to help children cope with the change and get used to the new home environment as soon as possible. Depending on the specificity of the relocation, the situation could be more or less complex: thus, if you are moving to a different city or state, your children will have to make new friends and go to a new school. This could be pretty baffling for both young children and teenagers, as they can find it pretty difficult to adapt.

Experts claim that children are much more affected by a move when the event occurs during the holidays for instance; nevertheless, statistics show that this is the moment chosen by many families to start their life in a new home. The thing is that children depend on school for making friends, and during the holidays, chances to meet other children are pretty low. The child may feel like a stranger and react accordingly.

Age is definitely related to the childs response to the relocation.

Thus, the younger the child, the easier it will be for him / her to feel comfortable and get used to the new home. It is important that you stimulate your childrens imagination showing them the great things they should be looking forward; be truthful, do not promise them something that is unlikely for them to achieve! If you are hunting for a house, you can get the kids involved in the activity; this will seem like an adventure and will not allow them to feel left out. Make sure you encourage them to communicate and tell you about any uncertainties they might have.

The whole moving process should go a lot more smoothly if you take care that everybody has precise directions and knows what to do. Thus, you can give specific tasks to the kids: they can pack, label boxes or choose the toys theyll take with them on the moving day.

One other good tip of advice here is to let the child have a word in the decoration of his or her room. Deciding what their house corner will look like means a lot to most children and teenagers, as it gives them the feeling that they are in control of the situation.

Depending on the case, you may have to turn to some childcare services in order to avoid conflicting situations; the younger the children, the more attention they will require, and on a moving day, youll definitely have lots on your mind. Do not forget to give the kids time and space to say goodbye to their friends, you should actually encourage them to exchange contact information and stay in touch.


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