How To Lower Your Utility Bill Through Alternative Energy

Do you fear your home energy bill? Has it increased the past years to numbers you could not even have imagined back than? Do you feel like it is time to turn this around and start paying less? Of course you do! You don't have to throw out all your appliances and devices, nor will you have to live like a night creature in the dark. What you can do is to invest in one or more home energy generation systems. A home energy generation system can be the solution if you were eagerly searching for a way to lower those bills. Such a system provides you with the best way to get the maximum financial freedom on home energy. It will give you the opportunity to utilize alternative energy. However this will mean that you will have to invest in these systems, because they don't come cheap.

But it will be worth every penny you have spent! Among all types of alternative energy that can be used, wind energy and solar energy are the most common. Let's review them briefly here. Let's start with wind energy. Wind energy is becoming more and more popular and for good reasons. Wind energy is accessible for many households and is very abundant in many parts of the country.

Thus, many household can capitalize on the use of wind as a source of home energy. On the downside wind varies vary on a daily basis. Thus, it may be blowing strong today but tomorrow can be different. And even on the breeziest places, you can never tell when will be the next strong wind blow occurs. Even though this is true is, it also a known fact that wind pattern exist. Summers will bring less wind than winter, then the winds are strong and will keep your turbine spin most of the days.

If you are really interested in wind turbines it is note worthy to make sure that the local zoning allows wind turbine. You must also ensure that there is a good source of wind on most days. A wide and open space, at least 1 acre, would be ideal for wind turbines. And, if you are paying more than $150 monthly, then it may be a good option for you. If you are living in the suburbs than the 1 acre space can be big problem.

Although there are new and improved smaller wind turbines available, you would still have to get permission to install the turbine. That's were the next alternative energy source comes in. The next source that is widely used all over the world is solar energy. Solar panels can be placed on your roof. It can be argued if the solar panels ruin the view of the homes in the neighbourhood. It is purely a matter of taste.

But it is not likely that you would not get permission to place them on your roof. The early panels used to reflect a lot of sunshine and could block vision. Just like a mirror reflecting sunlight and could be blinding the eyes. But that was long ago.

Today's solar panels don't have that mirroring effect anymore and the efficiency has been improved also. When they first were produced the efficiency was around 5 %, today the efficiency has tripled to 15%. The modern panels are lightweight, safe and most of all, easy to install. These are essential in order to place them above your roof. Your roof is also susceptible in UV exposure. The solar panel eliminates this.

Also your roof will be protected from weather. Another benefit is that solar panels contribute in keeping your house well insulated. They provide extra covering and enable you to save as much as 30% on heating expenses. Drilling holes in your roof is very risky.

The interlocking solar panels eliminate this risk. Solar panels come in different sizes. This means that you can buy a solar panel no matter what the size and shape of your roof is.

Solar panels are installed without requiring you to modify your roof. It will adapt instantly. Solar panels can be used on every home with a roof. That means that you don't have to live in the country to profit from this energy source. And you don't even need a full day of sunshine to profit from this energy source. It doesn't matter if it is cloudy or raining day, these panels work on light.

The generated power will be less than on a sunshiny day, but it will generate energy. You can use these panels for electricity and hot water. The hot water can be used for central heating and running hot water. The electricity can be used for your appliances. Solar power and wind energy can reduce your utility bill tremendously. A combination of both would be the best solution.

Although these systems are expensive it would be worth every penny. If you are really serious about alternative energy sources than don't forget the tax credits and other benefits for installing these devices.

Bryan Wong is the owner of the solar information website Energy> - Get a FREE report on how to SAVE MONEY on your utility bill.

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