Imagination Spurs Landscaping Materials Growth

With all the imaginations and thoughts about what looks best for a person's house, it's not surprising there are so many different types of landscaping materials on the market. From brinks, stones and wood, a person can find the material and colors to meet their needs. It wasn't long ago that choices were limited to regular red bricks or larger cement blocks with which to design outdoor landscape themes. As time and demands marched on, so did the number and types of materials available. Used railroad ties at one time were the landscaping materials of choice for everything but the smallest of projects.

Since they were already soaked with creosote, there was little danger of rotting or being consumed by termites. Bees were also reluctant to build nests in them. When people starting to build decks and outdoor patios, they didn't want the accompanying odor of used ties and smaller landscape timbers came into popular use. Usually, three inches by five inches the landscaping materials were easily cut to fit whatever design the landscaper wanted. They could also be stacked to add height to a project.

They were mostly used for retaining flowerbeds, and for lining driveways and sidewalks. Stones Popular Due To Durability People then started looking at alternatives to brick and found stones would be a good alternative for landscaping materials. Hours may have been spent wading through creek beds looking for the perfect stones, and soon companies dealing with landscaping materials found a new market. Stones could be cut, engraved and made to fit just about any need and provided more flexibility than long, straight boards. They also have a longer life as wood started rotting after a few years use. Other advancements came when block manufacturers found they could make bricks and blocks out of cement and have them look like natural stone.

From there the landscaping materials business flourished with unimagined designs of stones moving into the back yard mainstream. With the newer designs of landscaping materials even the average homeowner could have professional-looking landscaping and still perform the project on their own. Retaining walls, flagstones and sidewalk blocks in squares, circles and rectangle are all available today in a wide assortment of color and design. Even cement lined with color pebbles are some of the landscaping materials available to most home improvement stores for those who like to do it themselves. Whatever your pleasure, you can find landscaping materials to work with.

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