Is Your Spa Cover Too Heavy To Lift

Do you have to go to the chiropractor every time you try to move your spa cover? If so you probably have wondered if there isn't something better out there than just getting another rigid foam spa cover. Well about thirty years ago somebody else was thinking the same thing. Years ago there was a woman who because of a severe back injury needed to get into her spa. Her doctor had instructed her not to lift more than ten pounds and that she should get spa therapy every day.

Going out to her spa and looking at the spa cover that out weighed her she came to that same realization. Necessity being the mother of invention she set out to build something she could use herself. What she came up with was a design that was both easy to use and durable. Initially she would have been happy with something that kept the leaves out of the spa that she could manage herself.

Insulation was less important than ease of use. However testing of the new design showed the added bonus of better insulation than the typical rigid foam spa covers. Since her new spa cover design allowed the bottom of the cover to rest right on the water surface, it dramatically cut down on heat loss due to evaporation.

With less evaporation the chemicals used to keep the water clear and clean stayed more consistent. With the cover laying right on the water insulation began at the water surface which is important since that is what you're trying to keep warm. Using the water to support the spa cover allowed the new design to be able to withstand more weight as in snow loads, without collapse as rigid hot tub covers do. Since it uses air to insulate rather than the foam found in typical spa covers, the improved spa cover could absorb impact better too. So in areas that get brutal hail storms, her spa cover would not be damaged while traditional spa covers were pummeled. The new spa cover design created a natural dome shape while on the spa causing wind to blow over without creating lift.

If you live in an area that gets strong winds you already know that rigid foam spa covers will fly. I have seen people try all kinds of things to keep their foam covers on from cement blocks to heavy webbing straps. Armed with this knowledge she figured that she was not the only spa owner that was sick of heavy spa covers, so she patented the idea and began to market her new spa cover.

Unfortunately, this was in the days before the internet. Getting the word out required actually getting out and meeting people. She traveled the country doing home shows and fairs.

She travelled to spa dealers all over the country trying to convince them to sell her cover. Most spa dealers were not interested. They make a lot of money selling a cover that needs to be replaced every couple years.

Others did not want to dedicate any of their limited floor space to show just a cover, especially one that cost more to them than the cheap covers made overseas. Now thanks to the internet you can find out about this cover without leaving home. Available right from the factory you can order a cover custom made for your spa. If your tired of replacing your spa cover with the same old thing, look for the next generation in spa covers.

The air filled cover that insulates better and lasts longer than any rigid foam spa cover. The cover designed by a woman so she could use her spa by herself.

If it takes a village to raise your spa cover, you need a different kind of cover. Check out our line of Custom made Spa Covers that don't get heavy or break at

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