Pros and Cons of Bunks and Trundles

When furnishing your child's room with a bedroom set, you've probably considered several different items and thought about the advantages and disadvantages of each. For example, you realize that your two children must share a room but are concerned with how much floor space the bedding will take up. You've thought about kids bunk beds as well as daybeds that come with trundle beds, each of which can be space savers. However, you can think of several disadvantages that are inherent to each, counteracting the positive aspects.

Children bunk beds are great for saving space and creating excitement. Children have long enjoyed the idea of sleeping on the top bunk, as it feels like climbing a tower and being able to look down on everyone else. However, there are always issues with bunk beds, since many of them are not as sturdy as one would hope, causing concern for the children's safety. Also, there is always the argument over who will sleep in the top bunk to consider, causing fights and jealousy between children.

The solution is to have them switch back and forth, every time the sheets are washed. In addition, with careful research, you can guarantee all parts and pieces are sturdy and will hold up under the toughest of circumstances, being safe for your children. Daybeds are also a space saver because you can purchase a trundle day bed that allows you to put the second bed away beneath the daybed when not in use, opening up the room for greater floor space. Fashion Bed Group daybeds also provide seating like a couch during the day that can be used for watching television, playing video games, or even doing homework. However, there may be the same jealousy regarding who sleeps on the daybed and who sleeps on the trundle. The situation can again be resolved by having your children switch back and forth when the sheets get changed.

Choosing either bunks or daybeds with trundles is a great way to save space so that your children who are sharing a room don't feel cramped and can actually enjoy doing other things, like playing video games or enjoying time with friends. With quality manufacturers, you can rest assured that the affordable kid's beds you purchase, regardless of style, will be sturdy and trustworthy, built with the highest quality materials and never causing question to your children's safety.

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