Some Of The Many Items You Can Get That Are Made With Fleece

If you want an easy sewing project, use polar fleece. Polar fleece is an excellent material for any beginner. You can use it to create blankets, hats, mittens, jackets, scarves, pants, pullovers, and more. There is little to worry about when working with fleece providing you have chosen a polar fleece of good quality. Polar fleece comes in three weights: light weight, medium weight, and heavy weight. The fabric weight that you choose determines the type of product that can be created.

Heavyweight fleece is best used for blankets and coats. Often there are high quality waterproof fleeces that are perfect for outdoor wear. Heavyweight fleece is excellent for winter clothing. Skiers love it because it is light weight but incredibly warm.

For mittens, hats, scarves, and fall jackets, purchase a medium weight polar fleece. Again, more expensive versions of this fleece will be water resistant. Medium weight fleece provides enough protection from fall weather. Lightweight or micro fleece is perfect for pullovers, pants, and glove linings. As is true of the heavyweight and medium weight fleece fabrics, there are more costly versions of micro fleece that offer water resistant qualities. Lightweight fleece provides some warmth, but not an excessive amount.

It is perfect for cool spring days. Look for fleece with a tight weave and resistance to pilling (shedding small clumps of fuzz.) One good way to understand the difference between a high quality fleece and a lower quality one is to go to a sports shop. Examine and feel the fleece they use in their outwear. This is top quality fleece and the type you will want to use. Now go to a cheaper department store and examine and feel their inexpensive gloves and scarves, this is the fleece to avoid.

The Internet is an excellent place to look for fleece. Many websites will provide you with small fabric samples if requested, some for free and others ask for enough money to cover shipping. Because of the number of online fabric stores, you are guaranteed to find competitive prices. Typically, high quality fleece will cost less than $25 per yard.

Once you have purchased your material, you need to be sure you have the other supplies on hand. For any project you should have a pattern, needle, thread, sewing machine, pinking shears, rotary shears, and access to the Internet for additional tips and answers to any questions that may pop up. Do not rush any sewing project. Taking your time ensures quality.

Do not expect your first go to be perfect. Even experts make mistakes. Therefore, demanding perfection of yourself on the first time out is an unnecessary waste of your time. After all, practice is the key to perfection.

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