The SUCCESS System That Absolutely Guarantees Youll Pick the Right Baby Toy Every Time

One of the things that the majority of parents find most challenging about ensuring the best for their child is picking the best baby toy anytime they go to a store. What make this decision making process so difficult is the lack of general toy buying guidelines, inexperienced sales personnel and too wide a selection in most stores. Parents normally end up buying either the latest gimmick or one which the smooth-talking sales person feels strongly about.

Many times they end up wasting money on a toy that gives little or no real enjoyment or development stimulation. I have a simple seven-step formula that I use for picking great baby toys in any shop or store. This formula allows you to easily choose the right toy for your baby, regardless of what's available. This formula is the SUCCESS Selection System.

Each letter (S-U-C-C-E-S-S) stands for one of the seven steps in the system. Let's put each of these seven SUCCESS System steps into action so you can anytime pick the best toy for your baby. S - SOUND and music is a very important stimulation source for developing baby senses.

Always try to buy a toy able to make a sound or even play some tune or music. This is especially important when picking something for 0-3 month olds. U - USEFULNESS or play value. It's a good idea to look for toys that'll give pleasure while still providing the needed baby stimulation.

What this means is looking for toys encouraging babies to DO something. thus promoting some form of activity. Too often parents like "passive" toys where their child is merely a bored onlooker. C - COLORS must be bright and bold for best effect. Child development experts agree that development of visual awareness is crucial for even the youngest infant. Black and white plush toys or even other high-contrast color combinations attract the attention of infants.

Which helps them to focus on objects and eventually see and distinguish at greater distances. C - CLASS and quality of any baby toy is essential. Experience shows that high quality toys are durable and last for many years. The best "rule of thumb" is to stick to the well-known brand names. Obviously, do not ignore lesser known brands right away.

E - ECONOMICAL and easy on the pocket. Many great stimulation "toys" are free. Sometimes it's simply "good enough" to use plastic kitchen utensils and containers. In most cases these everyday things also provide lots of stimulation for any inquisitive and developing mind.

S - SMALL parts should preferably be ignored. At this early stage it's definitely best to keep away from small parts and bits that can easily be swallowed. Most parents will immediately spot a great baby toy, but there are products on the market with too many small parts.

Also, be aware of toys with attached parts. Babies somehow just have a natural knack to remove and swallow them. S - SAFETY is always a prime consideration when buying anything for our infants.

Next time when you go shopping, check for the Safety Standard mark. Almost all well-known brand names use non-toxic, baby-safe construction materials. But do check to make sure.

Despite the SUCCESS Selection system's ease of use, it is a consistent sound guideline for anxious parents wanting only the best for their baby. Most parents have little or no trouble spending money on things for their babies, especially if they know it's the "right" thing to buy. This baby toy selection system makes any such buying experience just a bit easier and ensures your baby gets more development value for money.

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