Ways to Evaluate a Singapore Maid Agency

With the stress that comes from working, going to school, taking care of children and the elderly, and other household chores, getting a maid to help out is only practical. But you cannot just get any maid--you have to hire one from a proper agency to ensure that the maid will not be an added burden instead. Here are some important points to consider before you choose a Singapore maid agency to help you out: It is important to make sure that the maid agency you choose is licensed by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and accredited by the Consumers Association of Singapore for Good Business Practices (CaseTrust). Check its license number and accreditation certificate. As of the moment, only 10 percent of over 700 agencies have been accredited by the CASE. The remaining 90 percent are probably accredited by the Association of Employment Agencies.

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower grants licenses to agencies after a strict evaluation of their business practices. The agency director is required to attend and pass the Certificate of Employment Agency course that spans for three months in the Singapore Polytechnic. Agencies and businesses dedicatied to maintaining a high-level business practice is also accredited by The Consumers Association of Singapore for Good Business Practices. An agency that conducts surveys and asks for feedback from its clients focuses more on customer service and aims to serve you well. A 365-day guarantee from the agency typically means that in a period of one year, should you realize that the maid does not fit your household or for any other reason, you can get a replacement free of charge. The length of the guarantee and its conditions and benefits vary in different agencies.

Some agencies give three months, half a year, or even 400 days. For further assistance, the maid agency should have a family satisfaction program. If an employer is unsatisfied with the performance of the maid, the customer care team can help.

They can counsel the maid if any problems should arise. If the maid agency has a Match-Point System, you are at an advantage. This ensures that the maid you choose will match you. The Match-Point System was formulated to match the right maid to the employer. This is based on the experience, character, needs, and skills that the employer needs and the employee has.

Check the servies that the maid agency offers to its employess and customers. Common services include the following: - Air tickets booking and purchasing - Embassy endorsement - Medical check-up for the helper - Passport and work permit renewal - Orientation for employment as a helper in Singapore - Overseas helper recruitment - Repatriation of maids - Training in care for children, the elderly, the disabled, and the sick - Training in cleaning, cooking - Training in spoken English - Work permit cancellation - Workshops If you are unsatisfied with the maid that you chose, you will also find that replacing or going back to the agency is another hassle. Therefore, to minimize the possibility of this happening, choose the right Singapore maid agency to assist you.

Are you looking for a Singapore maid? Find help from a Singapore maid agency.

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